107_ Error report and solution of erc20 token transfer

problem screenshot paste:

just sent COINS, and then made token transfer, the result is reported as follows:

Warning! Error during contract execution [Out of gas]
erc-20 Token Transfer Error (Unable to locate and Corresponding Transfer Event Logs), Check with Sender.

looks like gas is not enough, so raise the gas limit, but it will not work in the end, from the default of 21000 to 25000 and then increase to 50000. At last, gas is always consumed, the prompt fails.

possible causes and solutions:

reason: just after the coin, I tried to turn all token out.

solution: transfer less than 1% out first, and then transfer the rest, such as 1 out first. (that’s how mine works)

There seems to be another reason for the

error, but I’ve missed it, so I’ll leave it at that.

other posts on this issue were posted at the end for your reference, and some of them came up with the same solution as mine and succeeded. Then I found several tokens of ERC20. According to their records, they all transferred a small amount of tokens after issuing COINS, and then transferred the rest.

post address: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?Topic = 2737894.0

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