Vue-cli Failed to download repo vuejs-templates/webpack [How to Solve]

Error reason:
as shown in the title, command Vue init webpack Vue through Vue cli tool_ An error is reported when the portal creates a Vue project, indicating that the connection timed out because the intranet cannot be downloaded. The screenshot of the timeout error is as follows:

to create offline, we need to download Vue templates/webpack in GitHub warehouse, and then extract it locally.

1. First, create a new .Vue templates directory under the root directory of each user. Note the dot (.)

2. Go to the Internet to download webpack
the download address is: After downloading, unzip it to the. Vue templates directory under the local user directory.

3. The downloaded compressed package is After decompression, we need to change the directory name to webpack

4. In this way, we will conduct Vue init webpack When using the Vue_portal command, you need to bring the parameter — offline, which means offline initialization

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