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[Solved] SAP MDG Create View Error: unexpected error while activating search view ZMDG_XXX

Problem Description:
unexpected error while activating search view zmdg_XXX

SAP system version: S/4 Hana 1909 SP2

Reproduction steps:
Tcode: mdgimg

when you click generate, the following errors appear


    1. 1. using the system user to authorize SAPHANADB

    1. 2. if there is an error after generate; You need to manually create a temporary attribute view, and then click generate to succeed

Refer to configuring SAP Hana based search for MDG

STMS communications error with system/destination rfc error when sending logon data

I. Problem

When setting up the traffic system: After executing with TCode: STMS, an error is reported: communication error with the system/destination rfc error when the login data sent

Using SM59 to view RFC connection test failed, using se38 execution program TMS_UPDATE_PWD_OF_TMSADM to change TMSADM password failed.

Second, the solution

Call the transaction SECSTORE.
Select “Execute” (F8).
In the displayed entry, if the entry /HMAC_INDEP/RFC_INTERNAL_TICKET_4_TRUSTED_SYSTEM is marked with a red light, delete the entry.
Delete the entry /HMAC_INDEP/RFC_EXTERNAL_TICKET_4_TRUSTED_SYSTEM if it is marked red in the displayed entries.

After deleting the above red record, then execute the stms selection overview – “transport route click edit and save 。。。。 and it works!