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[Solved] Vuepress Package Error: document is not defined

Write a description document for the component library, but an error is reported when packaging and deployment: the document is not defined. You can only find out the reason after checking the data, because vuepress is rendered through the node.js server when packaging, and an error is reported because there is no document object in node.js. The final solution is as follows:. Vuepress/enhanceapp.js folder

import ElementUI from 'element-ui'
import 'element-ui/lib/theme-chalk/index.css'
//The way it was introduced before - will cause an error to be reported
// import CommonUI from 'vue-common-ui'
import 'vue-common-ui/lib/vue-common-ui.css'
export default async ({ Vue }) => {
  if (typeof process === 'undefined') {
    // Solve the problem of introducing your own components with the error document not found
      mounted() {
        import('vue-common-ui').then(function(m) {

After modifying the introduction method of Vue common UI components, the online address of the component library is normally packaged