[Solved] Pyg load dataset Error: attributeerror [pytorch geometry]

AttributeError: ‘GlobalStorage’ object has no attribute ‘train_mask’ Solution

 def create_masks(data):
    Splits data into training, validation, and test splits in a stratified manner if
    it is not already splitted. Each split is associated with a mask vector, which
    specifies the indices for that split. The data will be modified in-place
    :param data: Data object
    :return: The modified data
    if not hasattr(data, "val_mask"):

        data.train_mask = data.dev_mask = data.test_mask = None

        for i in range(20):
            labels = data.y.numpy()
            dev_size = int(labels.shape[0] * 0.1)
            test_size = int(labels.shape[0] * 0.8)

            perm = np.random.permutation(labels.shape[0])
            test_index = perm[:test_size]
            dev_index = perm[test_size:test_size + dev_size]

            data_index = np.arange(labels.shape[0])
            test_mask = torch.tensor(np.in1d(data_index, test_index), dtype=torch.bool)
            dev_mask = torch.tensor(np.in1d(data_index, dev_index), dtype=torch.bool)
            train_mask = ~(dev_mask + test_mask)

            test_mask = test_mask.reshape(1, -1)
            dev_mask = dev_mask.reshape(1, -1)
            train_mask = train_mask.reshape(1, -1)

            if data.train_mask is None:
                data.train_mask = train_mask
                data.val_mask = dev_mask
                data.test_mask = test_mask

                data.train_mask = torch.cat((data.train_mask, train_mask), dim=0)
                data.val_mask = torch.cat((data.val_mask, dev_mask), dim=0)
                data.test_mask = torch.cat((data.test_mask, test_mask), dim=0)

    else:  # in the case of WikiCS
        data.train_mask = data.train_mask.T
        data.val_mask = data.val_mask.T

    return data

AttributeError: 'GlobalStorage' object has no attribute 'train_mask'
Line 33: Change
if data.train_mask is None: to if 'train_mask' not in data:

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