[Solved] arco design vite-plugin-style-import Load menu-item error: Internal server error…

According to Arco design tutorial on the official website

Load components on demand by manual import


Change the official website example to the following. The exclude array is the component name without CSS. If you are not clear about the component name, you can print console.log of the resolveStyle function:

      libs: [
          libraryName: '@arco-design/web-vue',
          esModule: true,
          resolveStyle: (name) => {
            const exclude = ['menu-item']
            if (exclude.includes(name)) return ''
            // css
            return `@arco-design/web-vue/es/${name}/style/css.js`

Error message

 [vite] Internal server error: Failed to resolve import "D:/Programing/WebstormProjects/cow-Low-code/node_modules/@arco-design/web-vue/es/menu-item/style/css.js" from "src\views\HomeView.vue". Does the file exist?

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