R Language Error: variable does not have limits defined by datadist

R language, error reporting

As in nomogram

variable variable name does not have limits defined by datadist 

You need to add the following code after importing data

dd <- datadist(abc)

abc is your data that imported
For a given set of variables or a data frame, determines summaries of variables for effect and plotting ranges, values to adjust to, and overall ranges for Predict, plot.Predict, ggplot.Predict, summary.rms, survplot, and nomogram.rms. If datadist is called before a model fit and the resulting object pointed to with options(datadist=“name”), the data characteristics will be stored with the fit by Design(), so that later predictions and summaries of the fit will not need to access the original data used in the fit. Alternatively, you can specify the values for each variable in the model when using these 3 functions, or specify the values of some of them and let the functions look up the remainder (of say adjustmemt levels) from an object created by datadist. The best method is probably to run datadist once before any models are fitted, storing the distribution summaries for all potential variables. Adjustment values are 0 for binary variables, the most frequent category (or optionally the first category level) for categorical (factor) variables, the middle level for ordered factor variables, and medians for continuous variables. See descriptions of q.display and q.effect for how display and effect ranges are chosen for continuous variables.

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