JS: How to Solve split, join, toString Use error

1. Upload the array bound by multiple pictures: shopimg: [] and send it to the background. The background needs string. Comma segmentation will report an error
when using join (“-“), it will report an error. Change it to tostring() method


this.personalForm.shopImg = this.personalForm.shopImg.toString();//Store photo-array to string, join will report an error, toString default comma split

2. Time array, businesstime: [“17:03”, “18:03”]
the string format of “17:03-18:03” is required in the background, and an error is reported in the join segmentation; (if you find that the store has the same business hours, you will be prompted that there are the same business hours. Then you will change the business hours and click the submit button again, and you will go through the segmentation twice. At this time, the businesstime is no longer an array, and the join method is not found – an error is reported)

if(this.personalForm.businessTime.length == 2){//After printing the error, go through the split twice and judge the length == 2 before splitting
  // console.log(this.personalForm.businessTime,'this.personalForm.businessTime time ===========');
  this.personalForm.businessTime = this.personalForm.businessTime.join("-");// business time, background to "17:03-18:03" this form

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