Javascript: js websocket disconnected reconnect library ReconnectingWebSocket

When websocket is connected, it is affected by the network

Or if the communication is not closed by the server for a long time, the disconnection reconnection mechanism is required


It is more troublesome to write the disconnection and reconnection by yourself, you can use this js library ReconnectingWebSocket.js Download the min file directly, just import it

When using, only need to replace h5’s native websocket with ReconnectingWebSocket, everything else remains the same

For example: this is the use of this in vue.socket is the global ReconnectingWebSocket object, and other callback functions are also defined on the vue method

            the this .socket = new new ReconnectingWebSocket ( " xxxxxx " ); // Create Socket instance 
            the this .socket.debug = to true ;
             the this .socket.timeoutInterval = 10000 ; // connection timeout 
            the this .socket.reconnectInterval = 5000 ; // reconnection Interval time 
            this .socket.maxReconnectInterval = 600000 ; // Maximum reconnect interval time 
            this .socket.maxReconnectAttempts = 10 ; // Maximum number of reconnect attempts 
            this .socket.onmessage = this.OnMessage;
             this .socket.onopen = this .OnOpen;
             this .socket.onerror = this .OnError;
             this .socket.onclose = this .OnClose;


 If there is no communication for more than one minute, it will be interrupted, and then automatically reconnect

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