How to Solve Embulk Error: OutputPlugin’bigquery’ is not found

I am transferring from MySQL to BigQuery with Embulk, but when I try to execute it in a certain environment after a long time, an error occurs.

embulk Error: OutputPlugin 'bigquery' is not found

If you take a closer look, you will see that the ruby ​​version does not support faraday with the following error.

[91mERROR: Error installing embulk-output-bigquery:
faraday-net_http requires Ruby version >= 2.4.0.[0m[91m

There was a description in output-bigquery GitHub Issue .

Since it is running on Docker this time, the problem was solved by describing the following in the Docker file.

#Install Embulk
RUN wget -q -O /bin/embulk \
    && chmod +x /bin/embulk

# Response to this error
RUN embulk gem install representable -v 3.0.4
RUN embulk gem install faraday -v 0.17.4

# Add the plug-ins you want to use.
RUN embulk gem install embulk-input-mysql
RUN embulk gem install embulk-output-bigquery

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