[How to Fix] Database can’t open file (errno:24)

Error: Unable to open database files while the database is running.
One, the problem report error two, the solution idea three, the treatment method

First, the problem report error
Can’t open file (errno:24)
Second, the solution
First we need to look at the error log of the database. Then determine whether the table is corrupt or a permission problem. There may also be insufficient disk space to properly access the table; Operating system limitations are also a concern; Use the perl error tool to see specific errors!

linux:/usr/local/mysql/bin # ./perror 24 
OS error code  24:  Too many open files 

Maximum number of open files exceeded! The maximum number of open files on the system is 65535. It cannot be exceeded! The maximum number of open files in the database must be out of limit! Show variables like ‘open_files_limit’; MySQL> reset MySQL = 2048; MySQL> reset MySQL = 2048;
Three, the treatment method

repair table ;

chown mysql Permissions

Clean up junk data from the disk

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