[Solved] Gunicorn timeout error: worker timeout

Gunicorn timeout error: worker timeout

I. Problem Description:

One morning, the developer suddenly reported a failure and the container restarted inexplicably. After checking the business container log, the worker timeout field was found

II. Analysis of error reporting reasons:

It can be seen from the error message that the worker process of gunicorn timed out, causing the process to exit and restart. Check the official website. The official website explains that the default timeout of gunicorn is 30s. If it exceeds 30s, the worker process will be killed and restarted.

III Solution:

Add: -- timeout 600 to gunicorn’s startup command to set the timeout to 600 seconds– Graceful timeout 600 indicates that the graceful timeout is 600 seconds

After the setting is completed, it is verified through kustomize inspection and re-distribution. It is found that the problem does not occur in the follow-up

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