Gephi cannot find Java 1.8 or higher [How to Solve]

Previously installed Gephi and configured the Java environment, but not used for more than a year, recently opened Gephi reported an error:

cannot find Java 1.8 or higher

I followed the [online tutorial] to set the jdkhome variable in Gephi.conf as follows:

jdkhome="C:/Users/username/AppData/LocalLow/Oracle/Java/jdk11.0.9_x64& #34;

Another error was reported:

Cannot locate java installation in specified jdkhome

I read a bunch of posts on the Internet again, guess that my Java is not installed in the default path, but installed in the D drive, And the Gephi.conf file should only use Associate to the installation path of Java to, reconfigure:

jdkhome="D:/Program Files/JAVA sdk"

Gephi can be opened normally.

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