Front end error: exceptionmessage: null [How to Solve]

When updating an interface written by others before debugging, the front end always reports an error, exceptionmessage: null, similar to this format

the Java code sends a put request, The parameter requires a class

this is the field to be transferred during swagger UI test

this is the field of this class in the database table

it is not difficult to find that there are more fields in the class than in the database table, The only fields in the SQL statement that need to be modified are these

so I changed all the parameters to be transmitted to the parameters required by the SQL statement. The test was successful

then go to the front end. The front end fields correspond to the fields of the SQL statement. Some fields have and some do not, The parameters required by SQL can be changed uniformly. There is an episode in the middle. The front-end field name is different from the back-end field name, and this error is also reported.


Exceptionmessage: null is mostly due to the inconsistency between SQL fields and database table fields or the different definitions of front and rear field names

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