Dubbo failed to register and consumer null pointer exception

Dubbo unable to register problem

error starting server:

Failed to register consumer:// Duck. Service. The UserService?application=user-web& category=consumers& check=false& default.check=false& default.reference.filter=regerConsumerFilter& default.timeout=600000& Dubbo = server & amp; interface=com.atguigu.gmall.service.UserService& methods=getReceiveAddressByMemberId,getAllUser& pid=12648& side=consumer& Timestamp = 1583642177210 to zookeeper zookeeper:// Alibaba. Dubbo. Registry. RegistryService?application=user-web& client=zkclient& Dubbo = server & amp; interface=com.alibaba.dubbo.registry.RegistryService& pid=12648& timestamp=1583642177225, cause: Zookeeper is not connected yet!

problem, this is due to Linux firewall enabled, causing registration failure.

resolved: turn off the Linux (CentOS7 based) firewall

systemctl stop firewaldeld. service
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consumption null pointer exception problem

the reason is that the package name not consistent, do not agree the package name can lead to the provider and consumer is not a node, that consumers will never gain value!!!!!

dubbo could not register problem
consumer null pointer exception

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