Defining a bean of type ‘‘ in your configuration.

The spring-boot integration redis startup project reports an error with the following message:
defining a bean of type '' in your configuration.
orConsider defining a bean of type '' in your configuration.
Modify the pom file
Change the


is changed to


After modification, if you want to customize redistemplate, you can refer to the following configuration

    public RedisTemplate<String, Object> template(RedisConnectionFactory factory) {
        // Create RedisTemplate<String, Object>object
        RedisTemplate<String, Object> template = new RedisTemplate<>();
        // Configuring the connection factory
        // Define the Jackson2JsonRedisSerializer serialization object
        Jackson2JsonRedisSerializer<Object> jacksonSeial = new Jackson2JsonRedisSerializer<>(Object.class);
        ObjectMapper om = new ObjectMapper();
        // Specify the field, field, get and set to be serialized, and the range of modifiers, ANY of which are included in private and public
        om.setVisibility(PropertyAccessor.ALL, JsonAutoDetect.Visibility.ANY);
        // Specify the type of serialized input, the class must be non-final modified, final modified class, such as String, Integer, etc. will report an exception
        om.activateDefaultTyping(LaissezFaireSubTypeValidator.instance, ObjectMapper.DefaultTyping.NON_FINAL, JsonTypeInfo.As.WRAPPER_ARRAY);
        StringRedisSerializer stringSerial = new StringRedisSerializer();
        // redis key Serialization method used stringSerial
        // redis value Serialization method usedjackson
        // redis hash key Serialization method usedstringSerial
        // redis hash value Serialization method usedjackson
        return template;

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