[Solved] raise ContentTooShortError(urllib.error.ContentTooShortError: <urlopen error retrieval incomplete:

1. Problem description

The following error occurred during crawler batch download

 raise ContentTooShortError(
urllib.error.ContentTooShortError: <urlopen error retrieval incomplete: got only 0 out of 290758 bytes>

2. Cause of problem

Problem cause: urlretrieve download is incomplete

3. Solution

1. Solution I

Use the recursive method to solve the incomplete method of urlretrieve to download the file. The code is as follows:

def auto_down(url,filename):
    except urllib.ContentTooShortError:
        print 'Network conditions is not good.Reloading.'

However, after testing, urllib.ContentTooShortError appears in the downloaded file, and it will take too long to download the file again, and it will often try several times, or even more than a dozen times, and occasionally fall into a dead cycle. This situation is very unsatisfactory.

2. Solution II

Therefore, the socket module is used to shorten the time of each re-download and avoid falling into a dead cycle, so as to improve the operation efficiency
the following is the code:

import socket
import urllib.request
#Set the timeout period to 30s
#Solve the problem of incomplete download and avoid falling into an endless loop
except socket.timeout:
    count = 1
    while count <= 5:
        except socket.timeout:
            err_info = 'Reloading for %d time'%count if count == 1 else 'Reloading for %d times'%count
            count += 1
    if count > 5:
        print("downloading picture fialed!")

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