[PostgreSQL tutorial] · PostgreSQL error prompt: “error 42501” or “permission denied”

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1. Problem overview 2. Solution

1. Problem overview

log in to the PostgreSQL database service with the PSQL command. When querying data, you receive an error log prompt, as follows:

“Error 42501” or “Permission Denied”

2. Solution

PostgreSQL error code 42501 is a common error, which sometimes occurs when responding to PostgreSQL database queries. In most cases, the error code 42501 indicates that the user has insufficient permissions on the database. PostgreSQL responds with an error message whenever a user with insufficient permissions makes a query

to solve this problem, please check the database user permissions. If the user trying to query lacks permission, just change the permission accordingly. You can use “ grant select on table_name to public; ” to grant permission to the public. Or use the command “ grant select on table_name to user_name; ” for only a few users

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