PHP:Fatal error: Class ‘COM’ not found in … How to deal with the problem

PHP: Fatal error: Class ‘COM’ not found in… 1. First check if the COM service has been started in Windows’ Services’. If not, start it. Windows Management Instrumentation 2, PHP directory ext directory PHP_COM_DOTNET.DLL exists. (Ext, by the way, is often used as an extension directory for PHP programs, and is usually set up when PHP is installed. Otherwise, it’s not just the subject that’s wrong.) 3. If not, add the following to php.ini: PHP_COM_DOTNET = “allow_dcom”;// PHP_COM_DOTNET = “allow_dcom”;// PHP_COM_DOTNET = “allow_dcom”;// PHP_COM_DOTNET: “allow_dcom” = “true”; So you need to in PHP. Add a line to expand the extension = php_com_dotnet ini. DLL, is to add a line, is not open, no this line in the default configuration file, and then restart the IIS and Apache, running as normal again!

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