Pod install Error: LoadError [How to Solve]

The boss told me that this is the problem that M1 may encounter, but I’m not M1, and I haven’t updated the system!!! Hahaha, fuck
these two pits are encountered
x 'require': incompatible library version........ (LoadError)

cannot load such file -- 3.0/ffi_c (LoadError)

Screenshot above
when these two pits are encountered. Baidu, there are few online solutions, and the cocoapods are deleted and retried. It’s useless
finally, read the tips carefully!! Let’s enter
gem pristine executable - hooks -- version 1.6.1
but we still can’t
finally, we found it was input 👆 This command has insufficient permissions
you can reuse cocoapods by adding sudo before this command, and pod install is normal. The correct command is as follows
sudo gem pristine executable - hooks -- version 1.6.1

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