git error:invalid path [How to Solve]

Pull handover branch code and error found git error: invalid path xxx or error: unable to create file

    1. git status Look at the code that needs to be processed
    2. git reset –hard To a previous stable version
    3. git clean -df Clear uncommitted files

The file that caused the error was found in the git history

  1. error: unable to create file keycloak-10.0.2/F:\workspace\electric\sedt-webfront\keycloak-10.0.2\standalone\log\server.log: Invalid argument
  2. Who submits the file and who deletes the file
  3. git pull Re-pull the file

Reason: There is a difference between the file path created by Mac and Windows, which causes the file path created cannot be generated in Windows. Delete the file to solve the problem

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