CanNot Open EBTresos(24.0.1) error code: 805306369 [How to Solve]

My environment:

EB 24.0.1

EB Administrator 1.4.0

davinci   5.20.41 SP1

Problem Description:

The process of opening EB is very slow and long. Calling EB interface with DaVinci for compilation prompts that EB workspace cannot be opened. Sometimes the opening process will prompt the error code: 805306369


1. Download

2. Copy the file to the plugins folder under the EB installation directory, as shown below:

3. Open CMD and change to “<EB tresos v24.0.1 installation path> \bin” folder

Use the “- clean” option to call “tresos_gui. Exe” (“tresos_gui clean”)

4. You should be able to use it normally here. If you are prompted that the license is invalid, you can upgrade EB administrator to version 1.4.0 or above

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