​​​​​​​(Copy python package, the problem generated) pip Fatal error in launcher: Unable to create process using

Today I cut the Python installation from disk C to disk D,
The corresponding disk character in the Path environment variable is then modified: D:\Python27\; D:\Python27\Scripts;
In either directory, Python is ready to execute, but Pip is an error!
D:\Python27\Scripts> PIP
Fatal error in launcher: incapable of creating process using ‘”C:\Python27\python.exe
“”D:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe” ‘

The Path environment variable has been changed, and I’m surprised that it’s still looking for the C disk.
It’s ok to try “Python PIp.exe install”, but it’s a bit of a hassle to use, so you want to figure it out! I don’t want to reinstall it!
A web search for “where did PIP read the Python installation directory from?” failed, and an error message was found!
Some netizens in CMD under the implementation of “Python-M PIP install — Upgrade PIP” to solve the problem, I this is not.

Oh, I didn’t add the -m parameter.
My solution, which is a little more barbaric, is to use the binary editing tool “pip.exe,”
Reference: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24627525/fatal-error-in-launcher-unable-to-create-process-using-c-program-files-x86
Open with HEdit, search for “C:\”, find the corresponding location, change the disk to “D”, save, and then execute the “PIP” command.

There are multiple files in the “D:\Python27\Scripts” directory that do this, so it’s easy to change them.

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